The Mediterranean Oasis

Cooked to Perfection

Our Chef
Roberto Paciullo

Sitting down at one of the restaurant’s farmhouse tables for a staff meal of dry mozzarella grilled with bacon, roasted pepper and olives, fresh tubasini with lobster, and his mother’s recipe for wheat cake one weekday afternoon, he describes his childhood in Salerno (just south of Naples on the Gulf);

“See, my father who was a chef, used to come home every day at one o’clock and cook because we had eleven kids and then after he finished eating he used to put the spoon and the knife and fork on the table like this and he’d say.

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I went to the restaurant for the nice food pictures, but the food tastes better than how it looks. Wonderful experience! Very romantic and warm.
Victor Pena
Local Guide
Absolutely delicious fresh Italian plates. Burrita salad with tomatoes melts in the mouth, a spicy chicken with peppers and sauce packed a hearty punch, and clams and octopus pasta every bite a knockout. Puts nice bread and focaccia on the table for sopping it up. Nice job fellas keep it up!
Local Guide
We enjoyed fantastic service, food, and ambiance on a Wednesday evening in September. Wine was perfectly paired with each course and the waiters served each of us as though we were royalty. Highly recommend!
Steven Kirsch
Our pasta dishes were delicious. Flavors perfectly balanced and everything complimented. Dessert was wonderful also. Highly recommended. Many vegetarian pastas on the menu and specials board. My favorite special is the black truffle pasta.
Jamie McAtee
Roberto's is our favorite Italian restaurant. The food is authentic, home made, and beautifully prepared. The ambiance is old world. And it's off of Arthur Avenue - what more could you want.
Arthur Gianelli